Warranty Pays Off For Burgardts

L to R: Mike Crane, CHS; Wayne Ditsworth, MaxYield; Rick Burgardt, Al Burgardt, Mark Collins, MaxYield.

L to R: Mike Crane, CHS; Wayne Ditsworth, MaxYield; Rick Burgardt, Al Burgardt, Mark Collins, MaxYield.

When Rick Burgardt of Britt was disk ripping last November, he knew something had gone wrong with the 2004 John Deere 9520T he and his brother, Al, and cousin, Jay, use.

“The engine started to get hot, so we shut it down right away,” said Burgardt, who noted that the tractor had about 2,700 hours on it. “We had our local dealer from Kanawha pick it up, because we knew it was something major.”

Burgardt’s next call was to Mark Collins, his MaxYield Cooperative energy solutions specialist. Collins had written him a warranty several years earlier through the Total Protection Plan® from Cenex. “We wanted to know whether the warranty would kick in to provide any coverage,” Burgardt said.

It turns out that the warranty on the used John Deere will pay out $24,000 to replace the engine that seized up and needed to be replaced. “This is a no-questions-asked warranty,” said Collins, who noted that the warranty costs a one-time fee after rebate of $99 for new equipment and $199 for used equipment, as opposed to an annual fee.

LubeScan offers valuable information

This isn’t the first time a MaxYield client has collected on a Cenex warranty. Collins noted that another claim in the Britt area several years ago paid out $10,000. Each paid claim covered the total labor plus parts, plus tax to fix the tractor.

Whether you buy new or used equipment, you won’t find a better way to protect your investment, Collins added. The Cenex warranty covers tractors, combines, and telehandlers. The warranty is fully transferable at no extra cost.

With a Cenex warranty, you don’t have to take your equipment in for an annual inspection like you do with some other warranties. About once or twice a year you’ll need to send in an oil sample, and you’ll receive a LubeScan™ Oil Analysis report that shows what’s going on with your engine. The LubeScan will also point out any leaks in the system and will note if antifreeze or other fluid has entered the oil.

The Cenex warranty gives you the security of knowing what’s going on with your engine and allows you to track the progression of any potential issues, said Collins, who helps clients interpret their LubeScan data. “If the LubeScan shows that copper levels are continuing to rise, for example, you know you’ve got a bearing going out.”

Warranty lives up to its promises

These layers of protection add greater peace of mind. “You never know when something might go wrong, so it’s good to have the warranty in place,” said Burgardt, who also relies on MaxYield to supply his bulk system for engine oil and hydraulic oil.

The most important thing is that Cenex’s word is good, Collins added. “They honor their warranties with no hassle. Whether you buy new or used equipment, you simply won’t find a better way to protect your investment.”

That’s why Burgardt has also purchased a Cenex warranty for another tractor and a combine. “The Cenex warranty on our John Deere tractor was the best $300 we ever spent. MaxYield took care of everything, and the warranty took a lot of hurt out of having our tractor go down.”

For more information about the Cenex Total Protection Plan, contact Collins at 641-425-5184; MaxYield Energy Solutions Specialist Doug Shirk at 515-320-5629; or MaxYield’s Energy Central at 866-711-7282.