Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Premium Fuel

20120927_farmers_219 compYou invest a lot of money in your farm equipment. When profit margins tighten, it’s more important than ever to protect this investment. That starts with a premium fuel.

“It’s a myth that cheaper fuels are just the same as a premium fuel,” said Chad Besch, MaxYield’s energy team leader. “There are some key advantages to a premium fuel, which can pay for itself quickly.”

To separate the myths from the facts, here are the top six reasons why a premium fuel like Cenex® RoadMaster XL® (which is available at all of MaxYield’s cardtrols) offers you the best value:
1. Improved mileage. While Cenex says its premium products improve fuel economy by as much as 5%, MaxYield put this to the test. “We had purchased a truck that had run on #2 diesel and continued to run it on #2 for eight weeks,” Besch said. “Then we switched to Cenex RoadMaster XL for eight weeks and got 7% better fuel mileage.”

2. Greater lubricity, more engine power. Cenex premium diesel fuels optimize performance with a complete, high-quality, balanced additive package. Not only do they improve fuel economy by 5% or more, but they increase fuel lubricity by 10% to 15% and power by up to 4.5%.

3. Lower risk of equipment failure. Today’s diesel engines use high pressure common rail (HPCR) direct injection technology to provide significantly greater efficiencies than conventional diesel engines. These engines operate under high temperatures and pressures that can literally “cook” typical #2 diesel. This results in fouled fuel that recirculates in the fuel system and can damage engine parts. Cenex premium diesel fuels help eliminate this worry.

4. Better performance. Since injection occurs multiple times per combustion cycle at engine pressures up to 35,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), even the smallest deposit can cause issues within the tight tolerances of the injector (typically 1 to 3 microns). With typical #2 diesel fuel, deposits occur in two places. First, nozzle coking deposits occur in the injector nozzle tip. These orifices spray microscopic fuel droplets into the combustion chamber. Because they are so finite, they can become clogged by even the smallest amount of deposits. These deposits may only be a stain or varnish, but they can also lead to power deficiencies and decreased fuel efficiency. Internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) are of critical concern with high-pressure injection (HPI) engine technologies. Unlike conventional deposits, IDID form deep inside the high-precision injectors, wreaking havoc due to tight tolerances. These deposits can appear suddenly inside the injector and can significantly reduce power and fuel economy. In some cases, they can result in injector failure. Laboratory and field tests confirm the upgraded injection stabilizer in Cenex premium diesel fuels successfully removes and prevents IDID while maximizing power in today’s high-tech engines.

5. Reduced fuel-filter plugging. Another issue that affects HPI systems is premature fuel filter plugging. Fuel filters capture unwanted contaminates from the fuel. Left unchecked, they can cause serious damage. With the extreme high temperatures and pressures generated by HPI engine technology, typical #2 diesel is thermally decomposed in the injection system and results in fuel filter plugging. As the fuel flow through the fuel filter becomes restricted or plugged, a loss of power will result. Black sludge, a common problem, is a critical issue in HPCR engines operating at high temperatures, where contaminants from unburned fuel and combustion soot combine to further diminish performance. Cenex premium diesel fuels eliminate this worry.

6. Less downtime. How much does a breakdown cost you? Cenex premium diesel fuels meet the demands of new and existing engine technology and are designed to operate with higher efficiency and less downtime.

You get all this with Cenex premium diesel fuels for only 5 cents more per gallon. “By investing a little more now, you’ll spend less over the long run,” Besch said. “Premium fuel ultimately puts more money back in your pocket.”

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