Protect Your Diesel in 3 Steps

Controlling condensation to curb microbial growth and protect diesel quality starts with proper tank maintenance. “This has become more important than ever,” says Chad Besch, MaxYield energy team leader, who offers these three tips:

  1. Check Your Filters. Make sure you have a fuel filter on all of your diesel tanks. “Also, make sure you’re changing them regularly,” Besch says.
  2. Clean Your Tank. Some energy professionals recommend a professional cleaning for diesel tanks once a year. “A better idea is to set the tank up properly so the water can be drained out quarterly,” Besch said. “Talk to your MaxYield energy specialist for ideas on how to make this work with your system.” If you do need a professional tank cleaning, MaxYield’s energy specialists can connect you with the resources.
  3. Use Premium Fuel. Since #2 diesel is prone to issues with microbial growth when water present, the need for premium fuel is growing. MaxYield carries Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster diesel and Cenex Roadmaster XL premium highway diesel. Both products have additives that prevent the growth of microbes. “The additives don’t kill the microbes but limit their activity,” Besch said. “Cenex premium fuels also contain an emulsifier that forces water out of the fuel so it can be drained off.”

To learn more, contact your nearest MaxYield location or Energy Central.