Save money with firm offers for fuel

Tell us what you want to pay and have one less thing to worry about

Fuel prices are more volatile than ever. With MaxYield’s firm offer program, you don’t have to watch the markets every day, which gives you more time to manage your business. Whether you need LP gas for your swine facility, diesel for your tractor, or fuel for your spouse’s car, you can lock in the price with a firm offer.

Put the firm offer program to work for you

Here’s how it works:

  • Tell us the price you’d like to pay for your fuel and when you’d like to have it delivered. The offer will be tied to one of our delivery dates. Premium farm diesel, for example, covers the March-to-June period or the August-to-November period;
  • You can modify the terms of the offer at any time before it converts to a contract;
  • If your suggested price hits, we will call you and send you a contract. Your offer is then converted to a contract;
  • There is no charge for the firm offer program.

Your neighbors have saved as much as 40¢ a gallon

The proof is in the savings:

I use up to 40,000 gallons of diesel a year, and I tried MaxYield’s firm offer on the #2 premium red diesel I buy. At times, I’ve saved 40¢ a gallon, which has saved me thousands of dollars on my fuel bill. While I’ve always contracted fuel and watched the markets pretty close, the firm offer makes everything easier.
– Mark Shipman, Corwith, Iowa

Leon Wojahn of Emmetsburg has enjoyed similar success with the firm offer on liquid propane:

Every penny counts today and this is a great deal that can help you save money. It’s just like a firm offer on corn or soybeans. Since you don’t have to watch the markets every day, you have one less thing to worry about.

Start saving today

Contact us at Energy Central today at 866-711-7282 or and learn more about how the firm offers program can save you money and add to your bottom line.