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Energy Central helps maximize your time and resources

Fuels and lubricants are a vital to your farming operations, but the complexities and volatility of the global energy market have a strong impact on your profits. We created Energy Central to give you more control over the energy that fuels your farm.

The Energy Central Advantage—the right information

Energy Central provides you with the right information to make informed decisions for your farming operation. This service is toll-free and monitored 24/7. When you call the Energy Central Desk, you’ll be speaking with someone who knows up-to-date information on your business including a list of your fuel tanks, their locations, how much fuel you used last year, and how much you have left on your fuel contract, and much more.

Other Energy Central advantages include:

  • Improving your efficiency. During business hours, our Energy Central desk is fully staffed and means there will be no more cell phone voicemail messages that get lost due to poor cell phone service. We’ll be able to plan efficient delivery routes to ensure timely fuel delivery. Even if your delivery driver is sick, our replacement driver can still facilitate the day’s deliveries with timeliness and accuracy.
  • Fuel when you need it. This centralized approach to fuel orders and delivery scheduling allows your delivery driver to better utilize their time, which increases their productivity. This means that by focusing only on delivering your fuel, we make sure you have the fuel you need when you need it.
  • Keeping you and our driver safe. Before Energy Central, about 80% of fuel orders came directly to our drivers on their cell phones. This wasn’t the safest and most efficient way to handle your energy needs. Now our drivers are focused on one thing—making sure you get your fuel on time.

Get started with our leading-edge energy solutions.

Contact Energy Central today at 515-200-1362 / 866-711-7282 or to learn more about how we can help you manage your energy needs with important resources like premium fuels, firm offers, risk management programs, delayed payments, and Cenex warranties.