Cenex Warranty Pays off for Gerber

One of the first things that West Bend area farmer Manuel Gerber did when he purchased his John Deere 7830 tractor in 2011 was to enroll in the Cenex® Total Protection Plan program. This fall, he was glad he did.

“Shortly after getting this tractor home and signing up on the warranty, I sent in oil samples to Cenex. Right away, the sample results for the oil that was in the final drive showed concerns over wear,” said Gerber.

Subsequent samples showed the same concerns, with the tractor heading back to the dealership this fall to have the wear issues checked.

Gerber said the issue was with the right front hub of the tractor. “Though the oil samples showed wear concerns from the start, the actual parts in the tractor looked fine,” he said.

Gerber received a check totaling $1,273.20 from the Cenex Total Protection Plan, which extends beyond manufactures’ warranties, to cover the labor and parts to explore the problem at the dealer.

“Though we’ve had some challenges with this tractor and the process of getting everything completed in the claim process, I am happy that I have the Cenex warranty and appreciate them paying the claim,” Gerber said.

Gerber worked with MaxYield energy solutions specialist Mark Collins on the claim. “If there ever was a no-brainer in agriculture, this is definitely it,” said Collins. “For the small amount of money you spend on the plan, compared to the high cost of today’s equipment and repairs, it’s very worthwhile protection for both new and used equipment. And as far as the quality of the products goes, there’s nothing better on the market, period.”

More information about Cenex lubricants, the Total Protection Plan and MaxYield is available at www.MaxYieldEnergy.com.